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Monitor Deloitte - Open Data Strategy Manager




How can you make an impact that matters?


  • Are you passionate about transforming organizations and successfully implement critical projects for the C-level? This is an opportunity to create an impact that matters in the area of Data for leading organizations
  • As a Strategy Manager, you will work together with your team to identify and solve never-before-seen opportunities that stem from the new Open Data Framework in the EU, bring your bold perspective into action, and develop transformative strategies across all organizational levels
  • In this multi-faceted Strategy Manager role, you will be addressing business problems in an analytical manner, structure decision making, and strive to develop pragmatic recommendations, tempered by experience
  • You will work collaboratively within integrated, cross-functional teams, composed of a young and diverse group of specialists of the firm, helping to drive our clients' most important strategic transformations
  • You will be a key player in delivering value to our clients by identifying their challenges and adapting our commercial offering to position Monitor Deloitte as their partner and advisor, leveraging the strategic use of data
  • This is a client-facing role in a flexible environment, where you will have a high internal and external exposure


You Have:


  • 6+ years of experience in Strategy Consulting or experience in leading companies (in sectors such as Banking, Energy, Retail, Telecommunications, etc.)
  • Experience in the area of Data-driven Customer Experience, Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Gathering
  • Eagerness to develop your career in an international environment, helping global organization to pursue their objectives
  • Experience with planning and executing large projects, including the management of events or workshops
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to structure, manage and deliver change
  • Incisive thinker, confident with concepts, analysis and frameworks


What you’ll find?


At Deloitte we are committed to generate a positive impact on society, on our clients and on our employees. To guarantee this, we have a series of programs and benefits, among the following:


  • A wide range of training options for our professionals
  • Mentoring programs according to the category to develop our employees
  • A complete compensation model, with a flexible remuneration scheme
  • Volunteer programs with various social action initiatives to impact positively our society
  • Cultural and wellbeing programs
  • Medical and emergencies insurance


Solving never-before-seen challenges is what makes us Monitor Deloitte. To our strong foundation of years of experience, extensive industry expertise and excellence in execution, we add the excitement of creativity. This doesn’t just deliver solutions that are better. It raises the bar, inspires and opens new possibilities for entire industries to grow and secure sustainable competitive advantages


Join us!






Deloitte es una Firma de servicios profesionales firmemente comprometida con la igualdad de oportunidades. En este sentido, la Firma aceptará y tramitará solicitudes de todos los sectores de la sociedad, no discriminando por motivos de sexo, expresión de género, raza, religión o creencias, origen étnico o nacional, discapacidad, enfermedad o condición de salud, predisposición genética a sufrir patologías, edad, ciudadanía, estado civil, orientación o identidad sexual, situación socioeconómica o cualquier otra condición o circunstancia personal o social.
Ubicación:  Madrid
Tipo de puesto:  Profesionales con experiencia
Línea de servicio:  CONSULTING
Req Id:  35598

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