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Deloitte as a leading firm in the provision of professional services in Spain and worldwide offers you the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects in leading companies, from Start-ups and SMEs to large corporations. We focus on the specific needs of each type of business, developing solutions adapted in the areas of Audit, Consulting, Risk Management, Legal and Tax Advice and Transaction Advice.

Professional and human quality

You will have the opportunity to be part of a young, dynamic team with an excellent working environment. You will be one more member of the group with the most specialised and valued professionals in your sector.

Career plan

Deloitte is concerned that all of its professionals have a full career and at the same time respond to their personal needs. Among other measures, our professionals have policies of conciliation and flexibility for fathers and mothers, additional holidays at Christmas and Easter and general intensive day in summer.

We watch over your health by subsidizing 100% of life and accident insurance, facilitating management and partially subsidizing private insurance with Adeslas. You will also have at your disposal a service of Occupational Medicine, Physiotherapy and Prevention of Occupational Risks through which you can receive personalized medical and nutritional advice.

In addition, we have specific programs related to emotional wellbeing, such as Mindfulness sessions that are taught, in general, in the office.


You will be able to benefit from national and international mobility programmes that will allow you to change your place of residence or develop your career in an international environment.

We are currently present in 20 Spanish cities and more than 150 countries.

Continuing education

At Deloitte you will be able to exploit your potential thanks to a continuous training plan adapted to your needs and concerns both at a technical level as well as in terms of skills and languages.

You will have your own training plans and the facilities to collaborate with educational centres. We have an e-learning platform with more than 4,600 courses available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, working in multidisciplinary teams will provide you with specialized knowledge in your area and in other practices.


The areas related to wellbeing are increasingly relevant to Talent management and, therefore, at Deloitte we are pursuing this wellbeing, which encompasses three major spheres: body, mind and purpose.

Body: pursuing the objective of promoting physical activity, rest, nutrition and caring for the health of our people at work; to this end, Deloitte has an Occupational Healthcare area, Physiotherapy service and a nurse's office, and also offers discounts at gyms and sports and leisure clubs.

Mind: Aimed at providing our professionals with mental strength through the live Mindfulness Programme and training in time management, adverse emotional states, work life balance, agile work, etc.

Purpose: Focused on promoting the "purpose", values and social character" of Deloitte.


At Deloitte we are committed to the creation of open channels of dialogue, and we foster innovation through engagement teams that are diverse in terms of viewpoints, talent and experiences.

Our focus on Diversity and Inclusion is promoted by means of specific initiatives including women's access to employment and to leadership positions, mentoring, training for the development of talent, and initiatives for improving our professionals' wellbeing that are part of our commitment. The goal is to break down stereotypes and limiting beliefs in order to create a plural, respectful and responsible professional environment.